Sugar Cravings

craving sugarPeople who are prone to sugar cravings are faced with the difficult task of learning to control their cravings. This is not an easy thing to do considering that sugar is chemically addictive. As with everything in life, the more you feed a sugar craving, the more your body and mind will think that sugar is a life necessity. The truth is, a certain amount of natural sugar is normal and healthy for the system, such as the sugar found in fruits and vegetables, but any kind of white or refined sugar is being revealed as toxic more and more everyday by health experts, and should largely be avoided.

Refined sugars are incredibly bad for people. They are a leading cause of a number of heart diseases and of diabetes. They also cause tooth decay, tooth infection and a range of other bodily destruction. The surgeon general has strongly advised to stay away from foods and beverages that are heavy in refined sugar content. Particularly chastised in recent years has been any kind of soda pop beverage. The high sugar content in soda is more responsible for obesity and disease than foods containing saturated fats. There is still a great deal of confusion over which kinds of sugars to avoid, but generally speaking, they are the ones found in processed, high calorie foods such as pastries, baked goods and things accompanied by white flour.

It is not uncommon to feel overwhelming cravings for these types of foods. Many adults, young and old, were raised on these items, consuming them far more often than we know is healthy in the present day. However, it is possible to train yourself to reduce their presence in your diet and take control of the amount of unhealthy sugar in your system. It may be a struggle for a time because your system is used to refined sugars, but by gradually replacing them with the natural sugar found in fruit and plants, you too can be sugar free!

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