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Benefits of sugar to the body

Usually, when you check online for anything related to sugar, you will see that there is more emphasis on its negative effects than the positive sides. Several dieticians repeatedly state the need for people to take less sugar because of the adverse effects.

In this guide, we will be stating the benefits of sugar and how they help the body in diverse ways.

  1. Provision of immediate burst of energy

It would interest you to know that a healthy meal that aids productivity contains sugar. The primary source of fuel in the body is Glucose and it is from the breakdown of sugar. When we don’t take glucose, it would be difficult to have stamina to carry out our regular activities.

  1. Provision of instant mood boost

Sugar makes us happy and based on how we’re wired, we are meant to like sugar. When we take sugar, the pleasure center of our brain is activated, which induces dopamine rush. Then, a euphoric feeling is produced.

  1. Additional nutrients from natural sugar sources

When you take sugar from natural sugar sources, you become a beneficiary of healthy nutrients. Some of these natural sugar sources are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and the likes.

Taking more natural sugar is one of the best and safest way to avoid spikes in insulin levels.

  1. Stores Energy

Asides the instant boost, sugar provides energy. When the glucose is transformed into energy for instant use, the body saves some of the glucose for a reserve of energy, which is known as glycogenesis. A connection of glucose molecules are known as glycogen chain and it’s broken down when there is no basic source of energy.

  1. Improvement in thinking skills

If you want to improve your thinking skills, you need sugar. And one of the best sources solely for this purpose is chocolates. Chocolates contain natural sugar and some healthy components. Even though there is no direct proof for this, researchers have opined that cocoa flavanols improves cognitive function.

Also, they prevent brain cell damage and they create connections in the brain.

Reasons why Sugar is not good for you

In almost all the food products, you will discover that sugar is present. You will find sugar in processed foods, natural foods and the likes. Some people have imbibed the habit of taking too much sugar without realizing that it is not good for them.

This guide shows you why sugar is not good for you

  1. It causes weight gain

Each year, the rate of obesity increases and it is majorly from the intake of sugary products. Sugar-filled drinks like juice, soda and the likes come with fructose which is a simple sugar. When you take fructose, you become hungrier than when you take glucose.

On the other hand, when you take too much fructose, it prevents leptin from functioning properly. Leptin is the essential hormone for hunger regulation that tells your body to refrain from eating.

When you take a lot of sugar, the amount of visceral fat in the body increases. And it causes diabetes and heart disease.

  1. Increases the risk of Diabetes (Type 2)

It is imperative to note that the link between diabetes and excessive sugar consumption should not be ignored. Notably, obesity is caused by taking too much sugar and this is the strongest risk factor for diabetes.

Similarly, taking too much sugar increases the resistance to the hormone insulin, which is produced by the pancreas and responsible for regulating the blood sugar levels.

When insulin resistance sets in, the blood sugar levels rise and it increases the chance of diabetes.

  1. Might increase the risk of cancer

Taking too much sugar can increase the risk of some forms of cancer. First, meals high in sugar causes inflammation in the body, and this causes insulin resistance. Both incidences increases the risk of cancer.

Furthermore, a diet that has too much sugar causes obesity which prominently increases the risk of cancer.

  1. Accelerate the skin’s aging process

If you don’t want to look old faster than your age, you need to cut down on your sugar intake. In the body, there are reactions formed between protein and sugar. These reactions form Advanced Glycation End Products which play a vital role in skin aging.  s