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Sugar is found in almost every food we eat, and they can even be found in food products you do not expect. A good number of people depend on quickly processed foods for snacks and meals, and these foods are known to contain a high quantity of sugar. Studies have shown that excess sugar consumption is a major cause of chronic diseases and obesity.

To start with, sugar addiction increases the chances of heart disease. Diets which have high sugar content are known to be associated with heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the world today. In addition to heart problems, obesity, high blood pressure levels and a host of others, are likely effects of sugar addiction.

Also, sugar addiction also increases the chances of having Type-2 diabetes. Research has shown that there is a connection between the risk of diabetes and sugar consumption.

Obesity is caused by taking too much sugar, and this is the strongest risk factors when it comes to diabetes. In addition to this, insulin resistance induces blood sugar levels to rise, and this increases the chance of diabetes.

Sugar addiction also increases the risk of coming down with cancer. Just like diabetes, taking too much sugary foods causes obesity, and it in turn leads to cancer. Insulin resistance which is also an effect of sugar addiction, also leads to cancer.

Another effect of sugar addiction which people are not aware of is, it increases the risk if depression. A healthy diet improves your mood, and one high in sugar enhances your chances of being depressed. All processed foods contain sugar, and this has been strongly linked to depression.

Sugar addiction also makes you grow older faster than usual. When you have wrinkles on your skin, it is a sign of aging, and when you take foods which high sugar content, they appear faster than usual. Hence, you will discover that you are looking older than you are supposed to.

Foods which have high sugar content also saps your energy, and you might not be aware of this. Taking sugary foods can cause fluctuations in your energy levels.