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Treatment for Sugar Addiction

sugar addiction treatmentAn addiction to sugar can be very serious, with devastating effects on a person’s health and wellness. Sugar addiction is a less known addiction because it is a more recently qualified addiction than alcohol, drugs, sex and other long established addictions. But it is every bit as serious. Sugar addiction is responsible for millions of cases of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and dental problems in North America. When left untreated, sugar addiction has the potential to be fatal due to the diseases it can cause. It is very important that those who are struggling with a sugar addiction receive the treatment they need in order to regain control of their health.

It is important that a recovering sugar addict go through a thorough detox to cleanse their system. This can be done through an addiction treatment center or a separate detox center. Detoxification medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms may or may not be prescribed. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms of a sugar addiction are headaches, trembling, nausea, irritability and moodiness. It is highly recommended that this process is done under the supervision of medical and mental health professionals to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are not dangerous and that no undiagnosed medical conditions arise.

After a detox has been completed and the recovering sugar addict has a balanced intake, they will begin to work with mental health professionals on the underlying causes of their sugar addiction. It is important to discover what life events and circumstances lead the recovering sugar addict to rely on sugar for escape in the first place. By unlocking this knowledge, the individual can confront it with a new perspective which sets them up for changed behavior and thought patterns. The recovering addict spends time developing their coping abilities and mental health through counseling, various therapies and healthy recreation, which enables them to reenter the world with a new found strength. If a sugar addition is weighing you down, do not despair. Contact a quality addiction treatment services center to learn about your options.

If a sugar addiction has caused you to be overweight or obese, help is available to you. All through out the United States and Canada, nutritionists, personal trainers and weight loss surgeons are at your service. In New York City nutritionists are available to create you a customized diet plan to suit your needs, in Edmonton personal trainers can motivate your fitness plan and in Kelowna weight loss surgery is a popular method of slimming down.